Burner Management Systems – BMS

During many years of working with industrial furnaces, ovens and pyro systems in several industries (cement, lime, lithium, pulp and paper etc.), Goran Safety have gained experience in the HAZOP studies, process hazard analysis and safe design for burners & fuel valve trains and Burner Management Systems – BMS.

Goran Safety Ltd support customers with BMS design acc.

  • ISO 13577-2 and 4 (former EN 746-2) design standard for Europe, Africa, Asia and South America
  • NFPA 85 and NFPA 86, design standard for USA
  • B149.3, design standard for Canada
  • AS 3814, design standard for Australia

HAZOP studies and process hazard analysis for BMS follows the Functional Safety Management (FSM) and Lifecycle principles acc. IEC 61511.

This include SIL Allocation (LOPA, Risk Matrix, Risk Graph), Safety Requirements Specification (SRS), SIL Verification & Calculation, Functional Safety Assessment steps (FSA 1, FSA 2 and FSA 3).

Goran Safety participate in ISO TC 244 committee that develop and maintain Burner Management System and thermoprocessing equipment design requirements ISO 13577-2 and 4.