The requirements of the directives and the solutions in the various harmonized standards and technical specifications can be very challenging for many machine manufacturers and end users.

Goran Safety Ltd advises and assists your company in understanding the requirements and solutions. We have many years of experience in standardization work in both EN, ISO, and IEC committees.

Does your company need a risk assessment standard EN ISO 12100, a mechanical design standard for guards EN ISO 14120, or the EN ISO 14122 series on permanent access ways to machinery, etc., Goran Safety Ltd assists in making the preparation of requirements specifications understandable and manageable.

We also offer workshops and/or training courses to learn your company in the design of safety-related parts of control systems acc.:

  • EN ISO 13849-1
  • EN IEC 62061
  • EN IEC 61508
  • EN IEC 61511

And Electrical equipment on machines

  • EN IEC 60204-1

Goran Safety Ltd prepare a company-specific training course in the standard for industrial furnaces and related thermoprocessing equipment EN ISO 13577-2 and EN ISO 13577-4. We were part of ISO TC 244, which has prepared both standards.

EN ISO 13577-2 shall be harmonized under the Machinery Directive and thus replace EN 746-2, which is no longer considered a “state of the art” standard.