New Machinery Regulation

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is under revision and shall be replaced with the new Machinery Regulation. The new regulation is published in EU Official Journey 20th of June 2023. With transition period of 3½ years the new Regulation will be applicable 20th of January 2027.

The new Machinery Regulation has a number of novelties that are relevant for machine manufacturers and end-users. The requirements are defined for importers and distributors in accordance with decision 768/2008/EC on common EU frameworks for the marketing of products.

If you are interested to hear more about the new machinery regulation, as well as what significance it has for your company and machinery – contact Goran Safety Ltd.

New standard EN ISO 13577-2 shall replace EN 746-2

The new EN ISO standards for industrial furnaces and associated thermal processing equipment EN ISO 13577-2 and EN ISO 13577-4 have been in the preparation for a long time and will be published in the first half of 2023.

The new standards have great significance for Danish and European industries. The standards shall be harmonized under the machinery directive/machinery regulation, and in that way replace a very much criticized standard, EN 746-2.

We have been part of the ISO expert group’s technical committee TC 244, which has prepared both standards. Contact us for a company-specific course or workshop on how standards affect your product.

The new version of Functional Safety standards for machinery EN ISO 13849-1 & IEC 62061

There are two Functional Safety standards for the design of safety-related parts of the control system. The standards have just been updated. EN IEC 62061 was published in 2022, while the new EN ISO 13849-1 is expected to be published in 2023.

Both standards have plenty of novelties, and Goran Safety Ltd is ready to present the most important parts for your company. Whether you need a customized workshop for your company or a general review of standards, we are available. Contact us for a non-binding offer.